Raasa only creates inspirational marketing programs; articulating your brand offering with elegant, truthful messaging delivered in both artful and effective ways designed to resonate with an enlightened audience. We know how to invite your marketplace to partake, offering – not pushing products, and encouraging sampling of our clients’ services. You might call it Zen marketing! We call it the art of proposal.
The shifting dynamic of marketing now favors and rewards those who harness the power of viral promotion, so we built an enormous database that catalogues communities and businesses serving the enlightened customers you want to reach.  We connect you into those meeting places and conversations through links, banners, mailing lists, chat rooms, blogs and merchandise placement.  We get people talking about you.  We will help you “be found,” and that’s true permission marketing!
There is both an art and a science to marketing. Putting your message in front of the people who are already looking for what you are offering, and doing it in such a way that you get noticed, may sound easy but it is an ongoing science; requiring specific skills, experience, and up to date knowledge of emerging media channels. We assemble dedicated experts for each project so you always get the best minds in the business. Because “the secret” to marketing is more than envisioning success, it is co-creating it!
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