New York Spirit honors the importance of sound and music in connecting to the divine. Sound creates portals into exalted states of consciousness.

The soundtrack of the film includes music and sounds inspired from the wide variety of traditions represented in the film as well as atmospheric and ambient pieces distinct to New York City. The sacred music included is recommended by the participants in the film and performed by artists local to New York. A cohesive musical score will be forged from the rich contributions of New York’s spiritual communities by a superb composer and a technically advanced sound engineering team. This soundtrack represents New York’s vibrant Sound Energy, it is an offering to uplift the spirits of all those who see the film or hear the soundtrack.

New York Spirit sounds may come from previously released artists or from original artists’ performances. Due to the mosaic nature of the film, short cuts of music and sounds will provide a taste of the artists work on the soundtrack. It is our intention to provide a supplementary CD set including unedited chants, prayers, hymns, chorals, instrumentals, or songs inspired by the film New York Spirit. Through the web site we will collect ideas and compositions for the film. This material becomes the inspired living document of New York sound.

All sounds for the soundtrack and the suplimental CD will be recorded or converted to 5.1 digital surround sound, giving the listener the most awesome sound experience available today. The listener will be immersed into the sounds of the city, the chants, prayers and hymns, as if they were truly experiencing the moment recorded.


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